About our Cakes

by Crumbs Cake ArtMini Chocolate Mousse Shots
Our Cake and Dessert Recipes have been uniquely designed and perfected to give you an exquisite taste sensation unlike any other. We make our cakes and sweet desserts from scratch, using only fine quality ingredients delicately blended together to give you something that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!
Crumbs Cake Art will not compromise on flavour, taste or attention to detail. We aim to be the best at what we do.

With over 35 years baking & decorating experience we aim to please your taste buds with our amazing range of Cakes.

Our Sweet Indulgences

Our Dark Chocolate Mud Cakes

- are one of the best most tasty Mud Cakes that you have tasted – wildly wicked with added lashes of dark chocolate ganache both in the centre as well as surrounding the Cake.

 Our White Chocolate Mud Cakes

 - are again delicious but have a lighter buttery taste in comparison to the dense texture of the Dark Chocolate Mud Cake.

These cakes are coated in a creamy white chocolate ganache with an added bonus of ganache in the centre.

Both these Mud Cake types are rich and filling and have a superb cutting ability which enables them to be cut into a 2 finger size serves.

Our Dark to Light coloured Cakes.

Choose from a range of colours to create a awesome coloured cake inside your Amazing Cake creation. All our white base recipes can be designed to hold a colour of your liking.

Also ask us about our rainbow coloured cakes. Amazing bright colours of cake layered with different colours making a rainbow colour effect. Delightful.

The Cakes in our Additional Flavours

- mostly is a lighter type cake. They usually require a larger serving size for cutting & therefore more Cake would be required.

We have tested these Cakes and they have been chosen firstly for their taste & flavour, secondly for their moistness. We also looked at their cutting quality. Most times a creamy white ganache is used to cover the cake prior to the final covering, as well as including a centre layer but depending on the cake & time of year other types of covering are used . Some of these cakes have a delicious syrup added.

The Fruit Cake

- are second to none; they all have good quality plump fruit with moist glazed fruits, nuts (optional) all in a delicious buttery mix.  Yum, Yum.  Our cakes are matured with alcohol/liqueurs (we never skimp) to develop a full bodied moist cake, so desired with a fruit cake but often not achieved.

Our American Fruit Cake is a totally different taste altogether with the melding of eggs, nuts and glazed fruits in a delicious Grand Marnier.

Delicious DessertsMacaroon Tree

- we offer an amazing range of sweet desserts, which keeps on growing. Old fashioned style pettifore desserts made just like Grandma use to make, uniquely blended making you want to come back for more.

You won’t be able to resist our Dessert Buffet Bars displaying a range of custom picked desserts for you and your guests to enjoy at your next special event. We cater for big or small functions, whatever the occasion may be.

Experience the difference at Crumbs Cake Art.