The arrival of new baby is special moment that must be celebrated. If your couple of dear friends has just experienced this wonderful experience, you need to go looking for a perfect baby gift hamper. Here are a series of tips, ideas and directions to be able to choose a truly wonderful gift.

If you want a particularly traditional gift for the new parents who have just had a baby, you can opt for a piece of jewellery. It must not be something conspicuous but rather a simple piece of jewellery that can be worn by the child. Among the most traditional jewels include the gold bracelet, perhaps with small inserts in red coral, a real lucky charm or a gold crucifix that in silver to hang on a necklace.

Alternatively you can choose a beautiful silver frame, ideal for displaying the first photographs of the child or a small guardian angel. It can be glazed with pastel colours that are ideal for children. This option can hang on the crib. Even giving a piggy bank is a traditional gift: so every time a relative or a friend has some change in their pocket can leave it in the piggy bank of a child.

Are toys the ideal choice and hampers for babies too?

Often toys are not a gift that comes to mind to offer a couple of friends who has just given birth to a newborn. Many feel that the early days of life are absolutely not suited to toys. In reality, there are products specifically designed for newborns. These include music boxes that can help children fall asleep. There are also chimes for the cot and cute stuffed animals that are designed to help the baby relax and begin the process of experiencing the world.

In addition to carillon, you can also choose a toy to hang on the cradle or stroller that makes noise and allows the child to develop cognitive skills. It is a gift that will use in a few months, it is true, but that will certainly appreciate very much. Among the other games suitable for children so small, there are also the soft toys, both to put in a bedroom or to hang on the stroller.

Children’s books are also an ideal choice. They are a baby gift hamper that allows children to discover how wonderful the reading can be and how many stories filled with imagination can be invented.