Birthday is a fun time for your kids, and every child wants to have the best time during their birthday. All kids have this dream of celebrating their birthdays and riding a pony or having the coolest toys in the neighbourhood. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen, but they still end up having fun and forget about their pony dreams. There are some entertainment ideas that every parent can incorporate in their kids’ birthdays to give their children a fantastic day.

1. Photo booth

Setting up a photo booth is a creative and fun idea that ends up keeping memories of this day. Moreover, this is an activity that both the parents and the kids can take part in. You can set up the photo booth and add things like hats, sunglasses, coats, cool scarves, wigs, moustaches and any cool stuff you can think of. This will give the kids a lot of different looks to try on at the photo booth. You can email all these pictures to the parents after the party.

2. Dance party

Nothing gets cooler than listening to music at a birthday party. Add a dance party in the mix, and all the kids will go crazy. Try incorporating a routine choreography that is easy to follow and allow all the kids to join in. Introduce cool dance moves that all the kids can follow and choose fun and entertaining playlist. Everybody loves seeing kids dance and enjoy themselves. It is the joy and happiness of every parent to see their children have a good time.

3. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts can be fun to do with your kids on their birthday. You have to figure out what things you want your kids to find during the scavenger hunt. The next rule for a great scavenger hunt is to ensure that the kids have enough security. You can do this by placing the items they are looking for in places with people who can identify if your children have been there. If the kids are a bit younger, you can hide things in your backyard and the neighbours’ back yard where you can easily monitor them. If they are a little older, you can take it to the next level and use your friends around the neighbourhood.

4. Obstacle course

Kids love having the challenge to overcome and get a reward for it. You can introduce an obstacle course race where the children will compete with each other and try to overcome all the obstacles. You can have one set one in your backyard or the park. An obstacle course doesn’t have to be complicated since you can recycle some of your household items. Use things like boxes, down slides and limbo sticks for the children to crawl under.


Try coming up with fun ideas and games for your kids to enjoy during a birthday party. This will be a great time for the children to bond and have fun. Make your kid’s birthday memorable by putting a little effort into their birthdays.