Special Events & Celebration Cakes
If you have a certain event coming up such as an Anniversary, Engagement, Valentines Day, Bon voyage, Kitchen Tea, Baby Shower, Retirement, Divorce or just a thank you cake, let us design a cake that is really something special.

We can do almost anything that gravity and your budget will allow, being it a sculpture, eatable image or decorated with an eatable creation.

Celebration Cake Picture Gallery
Take the time to get some cake design inspirations by having a look at our Celebration Cake picture gallery or view some of our other picture galleries available with some really amazing cakes.

Mud Cake Flavours
Indulge in our amazing cake flavours with over 24 mud cake flavours, delightful fruit cakes, Red Velvet Cake, Butter Cakes, Desserts, Cupcakes, Carrot cake, Croquembouche and so much more. You will be surprise at all the mouth watering cake flavours.

Decorate your own cake
If you are a decorator but don’t have the time to bake or just someone who loves the taste of our amazing Mud Cakes, Crumbs! Cake Art offer a just cake or covered cake service, giving you the ability to decorate your own cake for any special event or enjoy our cakes anywhere, anytime. Pre-order the flavour of your choice, giving us enough notice to fulfill your request. Feel free to contact us with sizing and flavours. All our cakes are custom made on request to give you the best and freshest sweet tasting sensation to enjoy. We require at least 4 working days to have this request completed for you.