Welcome to the Crumbs Cake Art Experience

This is where Sydney’s great Wedding Cakes are made with over 24 awesome mud cake flavours plus loads more. Our extensive cake art portfolio offers ideas and inspirations plus we hold over 50 beautiful display cakes at our Cake Studio for you to see the quality of our services.


Our belief is that anything is possible and we endeavour to create a cake ‘just for you’.

Let our cake designer sit down with you to discuss your specific ideas and reference material and let the dream unfold into a culinary treat.

At Crumbs Cake Art we offer a extensive variety of delectable Cake Flavours, with over 24 different varieties of mud cake, some lighter choices also available, such as hummingbird or the ever zesty orange and poppy seed plus our new taste sensation Red Velvet Cake.

Our new Dessert Buffet Bars are becoming a huge hit. We have developed a large range of delicious handmade desserts to be beautifully displayed at your Wedding or party celebration for you and all your guests to enjoy. Please take at look at our Dessert Buffet Bar ideas, wide range of desserts and picture gallery.

Our Courses in Cake Decorating provide decorators with a unique experience in the wonderful world of cake art. We were featured on Channel Seven TV Show, The Sydney Weekender, early 2013 showcasing our workshops and wonderful cakes of art. Sculpt, create & inspire your imagination.

Crumbs Cake Art also offer a wide variety of wedding tips and advice to help with the planning of your upcoming wedding:

Gift Hampers – practically everyone likes to get a gift hamper, particularly at Christmas. They are simple and practical to order for your clients, and naturally, contain a number of the food products that people utilise, or have a craving for around the holidays, getting rid of time spent in the kitchen.

Premium and specialised present baskets add to any occasion. Most people do not have the time they need for shopping around anymore. Smart present providers have actually come to realise that everyone loves to receive tasty cookie baskets or one filled with preferred sweet and mouth-watering fruit and nuts.


Outdoor Furniture for Weddings – outside areas can be used as a location for event together with friends and family, along with an area to relax and unwind. Choosing the ideal items can change something normal into something unique. Producing a relaxing, appealing area is simple with the best components in place.

You can host parties and hold occasions in your own compound, provided you have the best outdoor furniture. Among the elements to consider when picking your outdoor furnishings is the type, budget plan, the function and space.


Wedding Catering – get in touch with a number of reputed caterers in your locality, and ask them if they can prepare all of the foods on your list and how much they would charge. As a rule of the thumb, catering companies compute their charges depending on the types of foods and beverages you want served and the number of plates used. Though it is rare, certain people have the habit of eating a little food and throwing the plate in the trash. After some time, they get another wedding plate and cutlery, and eat some more. This is why you should increase the total number of people invited by a certain number.